How to use split screen on your ChromebookSplitting your screen into two separate windows is a handy task management method that goes well with busy Chromebooks. Splitting the screen is great for doing research, looking up tutorials, consulting multiple sources, comparing images or videos, and much more. Fortunately, Chromebook makes this split option very easy to undo at any time. How to share your screen on a Chromebook.
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For more info on Chromebooks, check out our guide to the Best Chromebooks to Buy and our Chrome OS History Review.
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Step 1: Drag and position your first window

For this example, let’s start with a humble browser tab. Open your window as you normally would, then look at your window management options in the top right corner.
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Look for the Small Window icon – it’s usually the two-window minimize icon at this stage as the window fills the entire screen, but it will turn into a one-window Maximize button when it is scaled down. To share your screen, it doesn’t matter what version of the icon is.
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Now click on press and hold minimize . With the cursor held down, drag the window to one side of your screen or the other. You should enable a lock feature that will snap the window to one side of your screen, with a temporary dividing line appearing to indicate that you are sharing your screen.
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Let go and the window will lock on the side you dragged it to, but otherwise everything should stay the same. If holding and dragging is a hassle (like using a trackpad), try holding and releasing it for just a second. Chrome OS should then display two left / right arrows around the icon that you can click to lock the window to one side. It’s a bit slower but could be easier in some situations.

Step 2: position your second window

With your first window, it’s time to tackle the other side. Open another browser tab that you want to access and click the minimize / maximize button in the top right corner again. Drag this window to the opposite side of your first window, and it should automatically snap into place too, so you can let go of the cursor.
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Now the two windows are active on the screen at the same time, so you can move freely between them. One important point to remember is that the minimize / maximize button should be available in all of your Chrome apps so that you don’t just have to split browser windows – you can have a wide variety of apps and browser / app too – Split combinations as needed.

Step 3: maximize when you’re done

When you are done with the split screen mode, click the Maximize button. This should return both windows to their expanded state and remove the locked split screen. You can use the same trick to return to the split screen at any time.
This whole process generally works better with a mouse than a trackpad, as dragging and dropping objects with the latter can be a little more difficult. With a little practice, you will quickly get used to it and start sharing windows without a second thought.
To make the process even easier, you can try to master a few keyboard shortcuts. Or check out our guide on how to split your screen in Windows 10.

Step 4: learn the keyboard shortcuts

There are also keyboard shortcuts for sharing your screen on the Chromebook. This can speed things up if you want to split your windows frequently and prefer a keyboard shortcut to do so.
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The key combinations concerned the Alt key and the bracket keys. Click on your window and then press Alt + [[ to lock the window on the left side at the same time, or Alt +] to lock the window on the right side.


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